RuahCrea's keywords and values are: high quality, craftsmanship, product freshness, careful selection of the best raw materials, respect and consideration of the customer. It was born in 2014 and it has already won different and important national and international awards thank to experimentation that is the basis of its creations. INNOVATION, ETHICS and MADE IN ITALY are the identity of the society. The design studio ArchIngegnare join the society. At the basis of its works there is the concept of sustainability and the continuous research beyond the scale and dimension of the application. It has international collaborations so its way to make architecture is enriched.

About us

Three women Agnese, Caterina e Giordana with the same determination to challenge this difficult period, aware that make their work is not enough because it must be done well. So to make it very well it needs preparation and professionalism and this is their main characteristic. Their firm is based on bravery, enthusiasm, innovation and fancy, they are essential characteristics to make the difference in international and national market. They imagine the planning in different fields from interior and product design to architecture as an activity that, defined a problem, lets to face with method to find a rational and actually producible solution. Thanks to their different and varied working background they want to give emotions and certainties to the customer.

What we do

RuahCrea Srl is a new society deals with design, production and marketing of new products in the field of interior design. It experiments innovative technologies and shows a deep sensibility using natural materials according to the principles of sustainability thanks to the skill of master craftsmen. The principal aspects about the work of this society are: the change ideas into drawing, its optimization to give life to the production process, its certification, follow all the spinneret to build the product from A to Z. Objects are thought to match technology and functionality with form and aesthetics, the choice of material is important and also to rationalize the drawing to give a good report about value-price- production times. The first firm's patent is Sepasé. Three objects in one: it's a table, a partition and a chair in the same time, it's simple and intuitive, flexible and easily convertible. Thanks to its features, Sepasé can therefore be used in a home setting as well as in work, entertainment and commercial areas, etc. The product can be standard for any large scale production but also customizable to create a single piece.

Contact us

Eng. Arch. Agnese Pirani +393937197366
Eng. Arch. Caterina Pirani +393932099263
Dr. Giordana Giampieri +393336477476
Enzo Ferrari Street 28/B_60022 Castelfidardo (AN)_Italy

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